Online Bookings FAQS and Box Office Help

Current Box Office Hours 

Please note our box office hours have been disrupted due to Covid-19. 

Our box office is manned Monday – Friday 9am -4pm however these hours are subject to change. You can book a show online at any time at .

If you have any viewing queries please contact us via facebook or email for suppport. We regret we cannot offer 24 hours support.

You can contact on email us via reception (at) or call us at 018832120 and we will get back to you as we can. Our response times may be affected by Covid-19. 

Check out to see what is coming up next and to book all tickets at any times.

If you have a ticketing query and our box office is unavailable, we may be able to help you with your query below in our FAQ section.

FAQs – Online tickets

If you are having trouble accessing an online ticket check out our FAQs they may help you! All the help you need to book your  ticket or watch a show online is right here:

Q. Where do I find my link?

A. You should have received an email headed “Order Created” or "Order Confirmation". This email should have all the details of the ticket(s) you booked. It will also have the link for your event.

In some cases links will be send on the day of performance, for example links for the Pumphouse Presents Series will be sent on December 19th. In this case you link will arrive in an event reminder email the day of the show.d

Your link will look something like this:

Simply click on your link at the appointed show time or within the window of availability to view the show. We don't reccomend clicking before the show is available as multiple clicks can disable a link.

If you are asked for a room key enter the streaming room access code included.

Q. I bought a ticket/ link but never received an order confirmation email

A. Your order may have gone to spam. Be sure to check all folders in your email including your spam or junk files. Gmail in particular has a tendency to divert emails into spam.

You are looking for an email from headed “Order Created” or "Order Confirmation".

Order confirmation or “Order Created” emails are automatically sent just after purchase. If you didn’t receive an order confirmation email please get on to us as soon as possible so that we can ensure your order was placed correctly and that you have everything you need to view your show.

Your email may have been inputted incorrectly or your email may have filtered our response out.

Q. I received my order confirmation but not everything was on it

A. Everything you purchased should be on your email confirmation, including free tickets, donations and products.

If they are not listed then they may have been removed from your cart and not purchased.

Get in touch with us straight away if you are missing a purchase or a link from your order confirmation and we will help you order everything you need.

Be sure when purchasing that everything you want is in your cart at time of purchase.

Q. I ordered a few links for a few different shows, how do I tell which show is which?

A. Each link will have the show name and start time beside it, making it easy to determine which link is which. 

Q. Can I purchase a digital show link for my friends and family?

A. Yes you can. You will get a new link for every ticket purchased. You will receive all of the links together in one email. If you are purchasing for a friend you can copy and paste their link to send it to them or forward on the email to them. 

Be mindful not to click on any links you are gifting as multiple clicks will automatically disable a link.

If you are sharing more than one link, try to keep track of who has what link so that none are accidentally disabled.

Q. Can I share my link with friends?

A. We would kindly ask you not to share links. Links are automatically disabled if they are used multiple times. We recommend one link per household / viewing.

Q. How long does an online show stay available?

A. Each show is different. Be sure to check the show details before booking.

Some live recording like The Windy Lady at Christmas will be live streamed and will only be available for the duration of the livestream. Once that has ended they will no longer be available. Unfortunately with live shows like this, if you miss it, it is gone. 

Other shows will list either 24 hours or 48 hours availability.  This means that you can watch them at any point during that time frame.

Some festivals such as The Pumphouse Presents series, will run for longer. This festival will run from December 19th -23rd. 

Q. I had issues getting set up and now my link is disabled. What do I do?

A. Oh no, we are sorry to hear this. Links automatically disable if they are used multiple times so do be careful not to click too much. If this happens to you please contact us for help. If out of box office hours please contact us via facebook or twitter and we will try to help you as quickly as possible. We regret that we cannot provide 24 hour support but we will do our best to get back to you asap.

Q. When I click on my link it says “This event is in the past and no longer available”

A. Digital shows are usually only available for a set period. When booking check how long the show is available to view. A show beginning at 8pm on Friday may only be available for 24 hours. Meaning that at 8pm on Saturday it stops being available.

Most shows will be available to view for 48 hours but be sure to check the details for every show you book.  Be sure to also schedule your viewing during the available time.

Times shown are in local Irish time. If watching from international time zones be careful to note how this may affect you.

Q. Can I watch the show any time?

A. You can watch the show at any point of that shows availability. So if a show begins at 8pm on a Friday but is available for 48 hours then you can watch it at any point during that time period. You do not have to watch it at 8pm on Friday if you do not wish. Be mindful of when the availability ends as you do not want to miss out on your show.

For example a show running for 48 hours from a Friday at 8pm will no longer be available on Sunday at 8pm.

Q. How do I book  a ticket or link online?

  • Click on the show you want to view: