We Don't know What's buried Here

By philip
Tuesday, 20th February 2018
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Tickets: €12/€10

Time: 8pm

Tina and Bernadette, are digging a hole in the ground. They dig every day, methodically, looking for what has been hidden from them. They are Magdalene Ghosts. They heard about Tuam on the radio. One of them is digging to find her baby's bones, the other is digging to expose the truth.

Should they keep digging? Or is it better to leave the truth under the ground, where it belongs? After all, people who dig to find out what's buried aren't treated very well in this country. So why keep going?

Tina doesn't know. But she believes that work will set her free, at the very least it will make her feel better. Bernadette can't leave her baby out here alone, but she’s starting to have doubts about the whole enterprise.