The Noble Call

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Thursday, 23rd April 2020
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The Noble Call

Time:  8pm

Tickets: €15/€12

Early Bird: €10

The Dublin Region Theatre Project present...

The Noble Call

A searing father-daughter drama about family secrets and the bonds that bind us.

‘The Noble Call’ is an emotional rollercoaster where Da (Vinnie McCabe/Fair City), a man described as a troublesome know-it-all, meets his match in his daughter, Mona (Noni Stapleton/Charolais), a strong-willed divorced mother of teenage twins.

When Mona discovers a family secret and confronts her father with the details, he denies any knowledge of the event. But for how long? In a poignant battle of wits, laced with Dublin humour, McCabe and Stapleton join forces to give a powerful and moving performance of this poignant and truthful new play.

Written by Michael Harnett

Directed by Elyn Friedrichs

Starring Vinnie McCabe & Noni Stapleton