The M House

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Monday, 8th October 2018
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Tickets: €16/14   Time: 8pm (Extra Show 9th October: 11.30am)

My name is Marcie. I’ve been here for ten years, three months and two days. Here all our names begin with M. There’s Max, Melissa, Mary, Mark, Michael and Malcolm. This is the M house. There’s also an A house, a B house, a C house, a D house…. you get the picture.
We’re supposed to sit and watch TV all the time but we have other ideas… and we’ve got questions…lots of questions.
The M House is an adventure story.
It’s a satirical look at the legacy of institutional Ireland.
It’s a scramble to make sense of our one-size-fits-all culture.
It’s a parable of our times about the treatment of our vulnerable.
Equinox Theatre Company is part of KCAT Arts Centre, Kilkenny who have been pioneering and championing inclusive arts practice for over twenty years.
The M House is a play for anyone who’s ever been put in a box.
Open captioning on all performances.

Mon. 8th & Tues. 9th October

Time: 11:30am (Tuesday) 8pm (Mon & Tues)

Audio described performances: 8th & 9th October, 8pm. 
This production is funded by the Arts Council.
Presented by axis : Ballymun and Arts & Disability Ireland in association with Dublin Theatre Festival.