The Greatest Showman

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Saturday, 27th April 2019
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Saturday 27th April 

Time: 2pm & 7:30pm 

Tickets: €5

Special screening of ‘The Greatest Showman’ with guest performances from local dance troupe, ‘Threads’. Step  right  up  and  into  the  spellbinding  imagination of  a  man  who  set  out  to  reveal  that  life  itself  can  be  the  most  thrilling  show  of  all. Inspired  by  the  legend  and  ambitions of  America’s  original  pop-culture  impresario,  P.T.

Barnum, comes  an  inspirational  rags-to-riches  tale  of  a  brash  dreamer  who  rose  from  nothing  to  prove  that  anything  you  can  envision  is  possible  and  that  everyone,  no  matter  how  invisible,  has  a  stupendous  story  worthy  of  a  world-class  spectacle.