My son,My Son

By philip
Thursday, 31st May 2018
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Tickets: €12 / €10

Time: 8pm

Set on Meath Street, ‘My Son, My Son’ tells the story of THE MOTHER. Backwards. In seven year intervals.  Through her story we witness her ‘working class community’. We need to stop pretending that class isn’t a real thing. It is. Still.

She’s a Mother because she tells us she is. Constantly. She has one son, hence the title. Her best friend is Mary, they’ve been friends since they were 7. Mary is childless, but married. The Mother’s never been married. She’s against it really.

They’re strong, liberal working class women, from the South Inner City, and a bit bet down by The Life when we meet them. They want to connect. We need to. There’s a lot to do.