For Saoirse

By philip
Tuesday, 18th September 2018
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Tickets:€12 / €14     Preview: €11       Time: 8pm

"Here’s the granite swish swish, the rise and dip dip of the walls of the liffey, the whip whip of the amber lit streetlights…” 

Witty and trippy, Colm Keegan’s debut play hums with rich poetic language. Craner, about to be a Dad, takes us on a madcap journey from Ballymun to the Rotunda and back again. Stumbling through a city falling down, a past that won’t let go, to a future he never planned. Walls come tumbling, past and present collide on this rollercoaster ride through a life and city on the brink of… something.

By Colm Keegan

Directed by Mark O'Brien

Performed by Eric O'Brien

As part of Dublin Fringe Festival