16-Nov-2019 to 16-Nov-2019

Date: Saturday 16th November

Time: 2pm

Tickets: €7/5

Ages 6+

All stories are banned in the kingdom of Levitas. King Levi says that stories make your brain go fuzzy and your hands turn green. It’s Susie and Shredder’s job to enforce the King’s law, shredding stories from dawn ‘til dusk. But today, Susie will read a story for the very first time.
Perhaps stories aren’t so scary after all.
An upbeat adventure from the award-winning creators of Half Light

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20-Nov-2019 to 20-Nov-2019

Date: Wednesday 20th November 

Time 8pm

Tickets: €15/12 ( Early bird €10) 

A parent-teacher meeting goes very wrong in CLASS – a new play about learning difficulties: in school, in life, wherever.

Brian and Donna’s son is nine years old, and he’s struggling. That’s what his teacher says. Says he should see a psychologist. But Brian and Donna – recently separated – never liked school, never liked teachers.

So are they going to trust this one? And should they?

CLASS is an explosive triple-confrontation in a classroom over learning difficulties, love and entitlement. Funny, heart-breaking and beautifully observed, with rave reviews and a sold-out run at the Abbey Theatre, CLASS is new Irish writing at its finest.

After becoming the hit of Dublin Theatre Festival 2017, the show was then invited to play on the Peacock Stage at the Abbey Theatre in January 2018 before transferring to the Galway International Arts Festival and the Traverse Edinburgh Fringe in the Summer of 2018.

Edinburgh Fringe First Winner 2018. Suitable 14+

Written & directed by Iseult Golden & David Horan

Cast: Sarah Morris, Stephen Jones, Will O’Connell

★★★★★ "With an outstanding cast, a laugh-out-loud yet gut-wrenching story this thoroughly enjoyable show reflects our fractured zeitgeist brilliantly"

– The Sunday Times (Ireland)

★★★★ "Hugely entertaining and immaculately performed scenes from a school room"

– The Irish Times

★★★★ "Parent-teacher meeting becomes a microcosm for privilege and exclusion in a subtle, well-acted three-hander"

– The Guardian

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24-Nov-2019 to 24-Nov-2019

Date: Sunday November 24th

Time: 6pm



Tickets: €12

ANISS STAGE ACADEMY proudly presents ‘Wizmania’, written by Rob Murphy, a magical musical featuring music from ‘Wicked’, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘The Wiz’. Starring ASA ASHBOURNE from our Junior 2 to Seniors class!!

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26-Nov-2019 to 26-Nov-2019

Date: Tuesday 26th Novembver 

Times: 10am & 12pm

Tickets: €7/€5

By Sarah Argent - in collaboration with Barnstorm Theatre Company

What is friendship?

What happens when it goes wrong?

What do you have to do to make it work?

Henry and Bucket are best pals, although sometimes you wouldn’t think so! Like all good friends they have their ups and downs, their battles and reconciliations, their shared adventures and, at times, their need for their own space. But as long as these two friends are together, transforming their rusty, dusty, battered and bockety world into a place of wonder, their adventures can take them anywhere!

Through Henry and Bucket’s relationship we can examine what friendship is, what happens if it goes wrong and how you fix it. Poetic, humorous and rich in visual antics, this play explores friendship through a day in the life of two friends who have been likened to a modern-day Laurel and Hardy.

Suitable 4+

★★★★ “Bockety brilliance” – The Irish Times

 “A stand-out piece of children’s theatre”    - IRISH THEATRE MAGAZINE

For further information about the production See

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30-Nov-2019 to 30-Nov-2019

Date: Saturday 30th November 


Tickets: €15 / €12 (€10 for groups of 10+) 

The Fregoli Heart Project is a play about Love and the heart; how love makes us move, feel, think; how we love, who/what we love and in what spaces/places we feel love.  What does love do for us, and what do we do for love?

The Fregoli Heart Project is a performance devised from stories from the public about love in all its forms. These stories are presented through dialogue, movement, music, dance, imagery, storytelling and vocal expression. There is a cast of 17, four core performers, 8 young dancers from Direct Provision in Galway and five young actors from the Bohermore Youth Drama Group in Galway city. 

'touching, funny, poignant, joyful, heartfelt and true... an ultimately uplifting play on the theme of Love and on our capacity to both feel and show it'

Charlie McBride, Galway Advertiser


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01-Dec-2019 to 01-Dec-2019

Date: Sunday December 1st

Time: 5:30pm

Tickets: €15/ 12

Tickets available now.

The students of Titanium Stage School have been working all year to bring you this jam-packed show. Filled with a variety of favourites from Queen, Disney, Mamma Mia, The Beatles and much more, it is sure to be a night to remember. All of our students are taking part, which includes children from 4 years to 18 years. Do not miss this!

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03-Dec-2019 to 03-Dec-2019

Time: 1pm         Tickets: €5

How far would you go to be in control of your life?
If your freedom was threatened, would you fight? How far would you go to be in control of your life? Dead or Alive is an epic adventure that challenges how disability is viewed in Ireland. It is an innovative theatre performance that tackles serious social change with high spirits, humour, and bank robbery. 


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04-Dec-2019 to 04-Dec-2019

Date: Wednesday 4th December
Time: 8pm
Tickets: Free

The annual Sing concert has become a firm Ballymun Christmas tradition over the past 12 years.
Dozens of local people will get the chance to participate in weekly singing workshops from mid-October with Chamber Choir Ireland before taking to the stage to Sing alongside the choir in this special gala concert.
So whether you’re on the stage or in the audience join us for an evening of unforgettable music and Christmas carols.

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05-Dec-2019 to 05-Dec-2019

Date: Thursday 5th December

Time: 8pm

Tickets: €15/12

Welcome to the Blessed Virgin Community School, the establishment responsible for seasoning the cardboard bland cottage pie that is Sean McDermott Street with a beaushiful selection of bedroom DJ's, gangland tearaways and Crayola MUA's. 

Behind these walls, social hierarchy is KING, Instagram is QUEEN and no PRINCESS is safe. Join Zara, Kelis and Amber as they duck and dive their way through school, parties, Insta Followers and the brutal reign of Tell.Com. Miss at your online peril, honey 💅

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08-Dec-2019 to 08-Dec-2019

Date: Sunday December 8th 2019  

Time: 2:30pm & 5:30pm

Tickets: €20

New Year Eve Night in the Museum

Russian Bridge Ltd. 

A musical play about Snegurochka, Ded Moroz and Baba Yaga spending New Year Eve at the gallery. A

joyful play for all the family.

Please note this performance is in Russian.

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12-Dec-2019 to 13-Dec-2019

Dates: Thursday 12th & Friday 13th December 

Times: 1pm & 8pm


Poor oul pigs get a very hard time don't they? Some of them have even been in films haven't they?
They're not in with the in-crowd isn't that the problem? I'm not in with the in-crowd, I only know my neighbour and Elaine in the chemist. That's not going to get me very far is it?

Audiences have been falling in love with The Windy Lady for years. Now she's back with her own show where she invites us to share the contents of her mind, her shopping bag and her biscuit tin.
Original and very funny, this show will cheer you up, leave you feeling better about life, and put you in the Christmas mood.

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14-Dec-2019 to 14-Dec-2019

Date: Saturday 14th December

Times: 10am, 11am, 12pm

Tickets: €5

BABY’S FIRST XMAS is a gentle magical wonderland of gorgeous harmony singing, little lights and enticing textures. Created for babies under one year old by Anna Newell and David Goodall whose work for Early Years audiences has been seen on five continents.

This Christmas show promises to delight and entrance the very tiniest of audience members.
Each baby can bring one adult guest with them and, to make this a very special experience, audience capacity is very limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

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15-Dec-2019 to 15-Dec-2019

Date: December 15th

Time: 2pm

Tickets: €10,  Family of four €35

Bosco is Bosco, not a boy, not a girl, just a Bosco: a cheeky, lovely, funny, slightly-cracked, irrepressible, eternal five-year-old who lives in a box and who loves nothing more than to just be Bosco and meet all the boys and girls.

After starring on Irish TV for three decades, you’ll see why Bosco remains a firm favourite for each new generation. 

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19-Dec-2019 to 19-Dec-2019

Date: Thursday 19th December

Time: 8pm

Tickets: €23

Strictly 18+

Facebook and Instagram comedy star Enya Martin returns to axis Theatre with her stand up comedy show "Would Ya Be Able ?". Best known for her comedy video Facebook page ‘Giz A Laugh’ featuring Shardon ( that is Sharon with a "D" ), Chanto and the fur coat no knickers girl Dearbhla.
Enya has successfully made the transition from online comedy videos to the live comedy circuit. 

Enya is a regular performer in Dublin's Laughter Lounge and has also performed in the Vodafone Comedy Festival plus the hugely popular All Together Now festival.
Her show is an hilarious madcap comedy night of her sharp eye observations of life. So if you need a great night out to celebrate Christmas, treat yourself to this fantastic show.

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22-Dec-2019 to 22-Dec-2019

Date: Sunday 22 December
Times: 12pm & 2pm
Tickets: €11

The Talisman Theatre Company proudly presents… “Santa’s Fairytale Christmas”

It's Christmas Eve at the North Pole. 

Santa and his reindeer are getting ready to begin their magical journey around the world but when some fairytale villains show up to spoil the fun, things don’t quite go according to plan! Thankfully, Santa has some heroic fairytale friends to help him out but he needs your help too!
Join in the fun and find out what happens in this totally tinsel adventure that’s sure to put the Ho, Ho, Ho in your holidays and remind you there’s room for everyone on Santa’s “nice” list!

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04-Jan-2020 to 19-Jan-2020


Sat 4th Jan: 2.30pm and 7.30pm 
Sun 5th Jan: 2.30pm

Thur 9th & Fri 10th Jan: 7.30pm
Sat 11th & Sun 12th Jan: 2.30pm

Thur 16th & Fri 17th Jan: 7.30pm
Sat 18th & Sun 19th Jan: 2.30pm

Thur 23th & Fri 24th Jan: 7.30pm
Sat 25th & Sun 26th Jan: 2.30pm

Tickets: €10 All tickets
                  €7 on Thursdays

Be our Guest this January at axis and let the music, dancing and laughter cast a spell over you in this glittering Pantomime for all the family. Join us as we follow the adventures of Beauty Bountiful and the mysterious Beast, whose spell cast upon him by the evil witch Desirée can only be lifted by true love. Beauty’s father Benjamin and his friend Dame Stuffy come to their rescue along with their friends Mrs. Tea Bags, Little Chip and Lou Mare after Beauty learns the most important lesson of all that true love comes from within. A timeless classic about a very special friendship.

Karl Dawson Director / Musical Director  

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31-Jan-2020 to 31-Jan-2020

Date: Friday 31st Jan 2020

Time: 8pm

Tickets:  €18   

At only 33 years of age, George Murphy has lived an entire life in music. Steeped in the tradition and folklore of Ireland’s greatest folk legends, George shot to fame overnight as the winner of You’re a Star and a number one album produced by Phil Coulter, his brilliant version of Raglan Road was matched only by the great Luke Kelly.

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22-Feb-2020 to 22-Feb-2020

Date : Saturday 22nd Feb   

 Time : 2pm

Tickets : €10 

 Family of Four : €32

The Baby Shark Show (featuring The Little Mermaid & Friends)

Dive deep down under the sea in this all new mystical, magical adventure of Baby Shark & The Little Mermaid!

Baby Shark is feeling adventurous and wonders what life is like away from his family, but as he wanders deeper into the ocean, things don’t go exactly as planned.

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10-Mar-2020 to 10-Mar-2020

Tickets: €8     Time:10:30/12:30       

High Rock Productions presents  Caith Amach É, A smash hit comedy based on the Leaving Cert Irish Oral picture sequences.  It’s a fast-paced, physical, comic sketch show covering each of the 20 sraith pictiúir for the Leaving Cert Irish Oral Examination. The show uses a unique mix of theatrical devices such as clown, puppetry, music and audience interaction to bring the sraithpictiúir to life. It’s accessible to students of all levels.

Started in 2011,  Caith Amach É has been touring schools and Theatres for 5 years. It’s been seen by over 27,000 students in 26 counties. It has been acclaimed by both students and teachers everywhere for inspiring students to enjoy learning Irish.  

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