Ballymun Lights Up

Ballymun Lights Up is a special Ballymun – wide project engaging over 1500 children and young people through their schools.

You are more than welcome to get involved at home too!

This major art project was  designed to be simple enough that absolutely everyone can take part but also scalable; you can make your window display as detailed as you would like – it only has to match your imagination!

Don't forget to Light Up your window as part of Ballymun Lights Up on Halloween at 7pm! 



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Art Supplies:

You will need some orange crepe paper, black card paper and a glue stick! Believe it or not these three simple art supplies are all you need for an effective, fun and spooky Halloween Window display. You may want to add a  pencil and scissors but the project can be completed without them.Black Card Paper.JPG

Crepe paper.JPG

Step One:

You will be creating silhouettes so these can be simple pictures such as a pumpkin, skull or a bat. Take a look at the templates here and to watch the instructional video from axis art teacher Pat McGrath.

Start by planning your picture – Do you want to show a pumpkin, a bat or a cemetery with spooky gravestones and ghosts flying in the sky. You could have the silhouette of the moon or a creaky old tree, or maybe a haunted house on a twisted old hill.  Pat has lots of ideas and guides in his video!

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Step Two:

Tear or cut your shape out. Don’t be too worried about getting it all perfect, you can use your glue to stick pieces together. They will all look good layered together in black card.

Step Three:

Lay out all of your pieces on your orange crepe paper. Place them carefully and when you are happy, glue them on to the crepe paper. Be sure to put the glue on the black card and press that down as the orange paper is delicate and can rip.

Step Four:

Start to fill up your window with your picture. This looks very effective if you fill the whole window with the orange crepe paper. This may mean putting a few strips of paper up. Stick it to the window with a small dap of gluestick on every corner of the page. This should wash off windows. If you don’t want to put glue on your window you could use tape or blue tack.

Step Five:

Turn on your lights to see your window light up! Don’t forget to turn them on, on Halloween Night at 7pm for the Ballymun Lights Up Event.