Neptune Calling with Red Bear Company

By axisdirector
Friday, 23rd July 2021
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So I was just going to have to climb up the ladder and jump in off a rock. Which was obviously a terrible idea, I know that. But still... the sea calling my name.
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This August we are delighted to bring you a unique, live, in-person performance with the exceptional Red Bear Company. A mixture of sensory experiences, a beautiful script by Eoghan Quinn, voiced by Aoibheann McCann and Geraldine Plunkett and a choreographed movement piece performed by dancer Robyn Byrne.
'Neptune Calling' is an outdoor theatre show that brings story of a young woman and the Irish Sea right to your doorstep. Written by Eoghan Quinn and featuring Geraldine Plunkett, this is a theatre experience like no other where the audience will find themeselves in a new location for each evening of the play. 
Limited space availble, tickets dropping soon - so stay tuned to axis Ballymun website and social media.