Quarantine: 70 Photos in 70 Days

By axis Gallery
Thursday, 27th August 2020
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Patricio Cassinoni & Nyree Yergainharisan

70 photos in 70 days, made entirely at home while in lockdown during a global pandemic.

Quarantine Project is a time capsule from one of the most unique periods of recent history. We never imagined we would be making more than a handful of images, assuming any ‘lockdown’ may last two or three weeks. As news emerged of our need to stay away from everyone, so did our desire to connect and communicate.


Quarantine Project is our version of life through this pandemic. It aims to capture the new behaviours this reality brings and reflect on the new ‘self’ attached to them, highlighting the new practical and emotional understanding of the space we occupy and our relationship with it. It offers a visual representation of the profound effects of this crisis on even the simplest things. Rather than simply documenting an average day at home, this project aims to subvert realities that we, without any reason not to, have always taken for granted. Until now