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Thursday, 31st October 2019
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This event needs no introduction – it’s Ballymun’s annual Otherworld Halloween Festival. This year’s theme is ‘Samhain’ and thousands of families, young people, community groups and performers will come together to have a spookily brilliant time together. The evening kicks off with the community parade weaving its way through the streets of Ballymun, followed by hours of creepy on-site entertainment, ending with a fantastic fireworks display. Otherworld provides an important opportunity for local organisations across Ballymun to work together in the months leading up to the festival. This year we have more groups and volunteers involved than ever before. So if you’re part of a local group and want to join the fun or you want to volunteer on the night then visit www.otherworldfestival. com or contact Aifric Ni Ruairc at aifric.niruairc@axisballymun.ie