Bards of Ballymun

By axis team
Thursday, 19th May 2022
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Axis Ballymun are seeking submissions for a new poetry project called The Bards of Ballymun. The Bards of Ballymun is named in a nod to the original Bard of Ballymun, Pat Tierney. Pat is intrinsic to the legacy of poetry, creativity and literature in Ballymun that is still evident today. Axis Ballymun wishes to honour this legacy with a project celebrating Ballymun and those who live in, work in, love or feel connected to the area. The inaugural project pieces will be selected under the guidance of Poet Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan and will be celebrated on Ballymun Poetry Day in June and displayed throughout the area. Closing date May 19th at 6pm.

Submission Guidelines:

1. The Bards of Ballymun project is seeking poems with a strong connection to Ballymun. We are interested in work that focuses on the area, the people, the spirit, the history and the future of Ballymun. We particularly welcome writers who are;

  • Artists from communities who are underrepresented in Irish arts, or who face barriers to accessing opportunities to develop their practice and work, such as (but not limited to) people who identify as Black, Brown, Asian, Latino, Minority Ethnic or identify with multiple ethnicities, people who identify as LGBTQIA+, as having a disability/being disabled, members of Mincéir/Traveller and Roma Communities, and any intersection of these or other identities.
  • Identify as having a disability/being disabled.
  • Work in/with languages other than English.
  • Work as Gaeilge/bi-lingually.

2. Maximum word count for submissions is 150 words. Limited to one submission per person.

3. Poems must be submitted by our submission form below and cane be submitted asMP4/video file or MP3/voice file/voice note.

4. Poets whose poems are selected will receive a fee of €100 and will be included in our Ballymun Poetry Day celebrations in June 

Submit via Typeform here  or email for the link.

Closing date for submission s May 19th at 6pm.