John Connors

By director
Saturday, 1st February 2020
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John is looking to begin development of a new piece of work

'In this show I want to explore the beauty and magic of Irish culture and our history. Singing songs and telling story's the old Seanchai way. The Traveller way. The importance of community, culture and how story telling can transcend even the worst kind of conflict.'

Jo106042hn will  receive space, mentorship, dramaturgical and writing supports.

John Connors is an actor, screen writer, filmmaker and activist from Coolock, north Dublin. He is also a part of the travelling community. John is also a talented screenwriter, documentary filmmaker and human rights activist, he received international acclaim for his roles in Love/Hate and Cardboard Gangsters, for which he won best actor at the 2017 Irish Film and Television Awards. John staged his play Ireland's Call with us in axis in 2020.

photo: Aoife Lynch