Cultural Adaptation Embedded Artist Maeve Stone

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Tuesday, 14th July 2020
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In August 2019, axis and Codema (Dublin’s Energy Agency) excitedly selected artist Maeve Stone as the Embedded Artist for a new European climate adaptation initiative (EUCAN) called Cultural Adaptations. Maeve’s task over the coming year is to explore the role the arts can play in shaping how Irish society adapts to the impact of climate change. 

Maeve Stone is a director, writer and activist working in theatre and film, whose work emphasises musical innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration. She creates work that responds to issues of climate, race and revisits the canon with a feminist lens. Her practice seeks out interdisciplinary collaboration, pushes for new form, and establishes an intersection of method, aesthetics and political engagement

Axis & Codema’s hope is that through our time working with Maeve, Ireland will be able to contribute meaningful new insights to this European action research project while also benefitting ourselves at an organisational, local, regional and national level too. Alongside us and Maeve, three other countries (Scotland, Sweden & Belgium) will each work on similar projects, focussing on different aspects of adaptation in their own city regions

A note from Maeve…


This project feels like a chance to apply non-traditional creative thinking to a new policy document that is seeking structural and social reform on a grand scale. The project will push me to discover interesting ways of engaging public imagination around Dublin’s/Codema’s Climate Change Action Plan. If successful I hope it can expand a hugely important document - limited by form - beyond the page and into something living, tangible, personal and applicable in the life of an individual or business. I have secondary hope that it might also seed networks and communities that will outlive this project. I’m excited to see how the work happening in Gent, Glasgow and Gothenburg will feed into and from our Irish project. 

So what’s an Embedded artist?

Artists, designers and other creative practitioners who live and work through creative and cultural practices often work in a different way to established institutions in other sectors. These cultural methods of dealing with climate change, adaptation and sustainability, can therefore bring a new perspective, new skills, and new knowledge to such problems.

Placed within local governmental and established institutions, ‘Embedded Artists’ can help drive a systemic, integrated approach to issues of adaptation, ensuring that environmental and social sustainability are considered alongside economics and other pressures, facilitating wider participation and breaking down professional, departmental and disciplinary boundaries. Maeve’s task? To insert herself into the work and world of Dublin City Council and Codema over the next 12 months.

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