What's On

Welcome to What's Next!


We’ve been thinking
We’ve been thinking, dreaming and imagining about how we might reopen our spaces safely in these strange times
How we might bring artists to our stage
How we might bring people together to be inspired, be entertained, to mark the sadness, to honour the past, to dream up a future.
How we might engage with people’s creativity
We’ve been inspired by your feedback and involvement in our axis online programme, about our chats
We want to do more
We’re launching The Bootleg Season
A season of events from September in our theatre, community, online and in our studios
We’ve been thinking about the roaring 1920’s, about Punk, about Prohibition, about buying cassette tapes of your favourite gigs,
about the feeling of being at a show,
about rock ‘n roll, about giving it a go, about this great community of Ballymun, about never giving up.
We believe Creativity can’t be prohibited
That in the darkest of times, the arts and your creativity is needed even more
We’re going to find a way together
We’re going to have a season of bespoke events, projects and residencies.
Artists developing, audience gathering
Safely, comfortably.
It’s time again to Dream out Loud
We’ll be beginning and exploring through the summer
We’ll be announcing full details of events as we go
We’ve got exciting plans ready to go and more to be dreamt
We just wanted to let you know
We’re excited

Mark O’Brien
Axis Director