Workshopping on the Sabbath

By emma
Monday, 4th September 2017

Social Movements - a mini project kicked off at the weekend

"The thing I love about Threads is that it’s all about the dancing - it’s just fun!" said Victoria Ní Bhraoin as she and other members of the Threads (axis’ women in dance programme) began work on a new short film project about ‘socialising’ with artist John Conway; about nights out and nights in; about then and now. 

“I was an assistant at last weekend’s film/dance workshop at axis. It’s a new project taking place over 3 weekends. It was a great first workshop; the women were introduced to the film equipment and discussions were held about how they socialised in their young adult years compared to now. 

Roll on next weekend’s workshop, where I will assist John Conway with movement and dance”.

Lea Pepper