What's all the RAIC?

By emma
Wednesday, 8th August 2018
Filed under: ArtsDevelopment

RAIC is a new 2018 Irish language project developed for Gaelscoil Ballymunna, developed by axis and funded by Forais na Gaeilge. 'Raic' as gaelige means 'commotion' - as in 'what's the all the commotion, noise, racket?' The project is developed and delivered in 2 phases with every single child in the primary school participating - all 160 of them.

Phase 1:  April - June 2018 (6 weeks)

4 artists (Aifric Ni Ruairc, Pat Mc Grath, Anita Nicholson & Tighearnan)
Animation Design (5th & 6th class), Creating Board Games 3rd & 4th class), Building Museums of the Future (1st & 2nd class) & Imaginative Play (junior & senior infants)

Phase 2: September-  November 2018

In the final phase of RAIC, musician Niall Mac Giolla Rua will work with the children to write and record a new school anthem/song to celebrate the opening of their new school building.

With phase 1 now under our belt, we thought we'd share one of the animations created by some of the 5th class kids. Called JAPAN/IRISH this animation tells the story of an evil scientist who turn innocent people into dinosaurs. A 2 minute dystopian tale (as gaeilge) set in 2030! https://youtu.be/vV7AKrgtLIE