By Emma
Friday, 11th August 2017
Filed under: ArtsDevelopment

SOCIAL MOVEMENTS is a 2 day film/dance project taking place on the streets of Ballymun on the weekend of the 2nd/ 3rd September.

Artist John Conway (one of axis’ recent #Press Play artists/curators) will work with a number of women from THREADS – axis’ Women In Dance programme, collecting personal stories about the women’s social lives - how they used to go out and socialise when they were younger and how they do so now. 

On Day 1, the women will be introduced to the film making process and will work together to produce a short film, conducting the filming/interviews themselves. The Sunday workshop will be spent planning, developing and shooting a site specific choreographed dance video. All going to plan this will take place in the local Ballymun Shopping Centre. A number of members from John's Kildare Young Filmmakers group will assist in the filming of this. This will be axis' first time collaborating with them, so we're looking forward to welcoming these young creatives to Ballymun to collaborate with our local dancers/women.

John's overall plan is to use the two videos (interview/dance) to create a stand alone video work that will be screened locally at a later date.