Introducing Casey Deal

By Emma
Thursday, 4th October 2018
Filed under: ArtsDevelopment

Introducing Casey Deal - our newest axis:INVENTOR hailing from Texas, USA. Casey will be doing a 3 month full-time placement with us working across arts development, festivals and theatre. Before she officially kicks off the placement at the end of the month, we invited her to axis last week to show her around and come see our latest production - For Saoirse. This is what she had to say...

I am in my last year of university in Texas where I have been studying Theatre Production. I have most of my experience in stage managing and costume design & construction— though I do have an interest and appreciation for all aspects of theatre. I have been in and a part of plays since elementary school; theatre has always been something I've loved. I am excited to work with Axis because of the community focus of the building and events. I don't think quality theatre should only be available to the top percents of society. Theatre is at its best when it is approachable and relatable to all people. 

I was so excited about this placement after meeting with Emma and Aifric because I could see how much the community of Ballymun was involved and included in Axis. The whole building is just so inviting. After talking for a while about the different types of events that will be happening and the different types of people I will get to work with during my (unfortunately short) internship, I suddenly felt that this was a perfect fit. I cannot wait for the end of October and the opportunity to explore Axis more.

For Saoirse was such an incredible production and a fantastic introduction to Axis. Every aspect blew me away. The actor (Eric O' Brien) played about 9 different characters and each one so convincingly and with such precision between them, it almost felt like there was more than one person on stage. It was so clean too, there were no props or costume changes just a simple gesture and vocal change to signify that he was someone else. The transitions created the seamless clean effect as well— either through lights or sound it contributed so much to the show. The lighting alone made the whole production feel alive. In combination, of all the elements of writing, acting, design, and execution, felt as though we were all experiencing what he was experiencing too. It was an hour long window into this man's life that told us and taught us so much. I couldn't have designed a better first night if I had written a script for it. The entire evening was spectacular, getting to meet so many different people have having such good seats. I felt like a true VIP. It was also incredible, as a visiting student here, surprising myself with how much I knew about the different Dublin-facts he was mentioning throughout the show. Honestly, I did not really have many expectations for the evening, but any idea I had was completely blown away. I can't wait to see the next show and wish I could see For Saoirse again.