HEED FM @ axis

By emma
Monday, 4th July 2016

Over the past 2 months - artist Garrett Phelan has been meeting a group of young Ballymun/Finglas men in axis every Thursday (axis' Creative Space Collective of young men) to chat and interview them as part of an ambitious radio broadcast project he is developing - called HEED FM. 

HEED is a public sound portrait of the lives of young people living in Dublin, Ireland aged 18–25. HEED will focus on, and give voice to the ambitions, aspirations and hopes of these people, in a positive and constructive manner, through the creation of a significant sound project.

This pop up radio station will be publically broadcast 24 hrs a day for a one month period - from 18th October - 22nd November. We look forward to listening in, in a few months time. Definitley watch (I mean listen) this space!