Director's Welcome - Autumn/Winter 2016

By Mark
Wednesday, 7th September 2016
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Welcome to our Autumn/Winter season 2016.

It’s been a great year so far with brilliant celebrations marking Ballymun’s 50th birthday and our own 15th.

The celebrations will continue on for the rest of the year with the best of theatre, comedy, music and creativity for you to enjoy. 

That’s what axis is all about, an invitation and a place for people to gather, share, remember and dream.

I love watching the excitement on people’s faces when they’re at a great show, a gig, a class, an arts project, or even meeting their friends in the café.

Smiling, toe tapping, laughing, chatting, fizzing energy, meeting performers, sharing moments and making new plans.

We must never let arts, culture or creativity be seen as something separate to ourselves, something that belongs to someone else.

They are about us all, they are the silent glue that binds us, they are an invitation to our dreams, our ideas, our excitement.

That feeling of leaving an amazing event and wanting to change everything, sing in the car, tell your friends, play the radio loud with the windows down.

axis is your centre. Both inside and outside these walls we invite you to colour your world. It’s not about blind positivity. It’s about understanding the difficulties and deciding to sing anyway.

Dream out loud.

Mark O'Brien