Bang Bang (& his Trusty Rusty Key)

By emma
Wednesday, 9th August 2017
Filed under: ArtsDevelopment

We were delighted to hear that the lovely folk over at the Bang Bang Café have raised funds to mark the final resting place of Thomas ‘Bang Bang’ Dudley, a much loved figure in the Dublin of the 1950s and 60s. Bang Bang roamed the streets with his ‘Colt .45’, a large key he carried at all times with which to host fake shoot outs. Great to see that Pearse St Library (Dublin City Public Libraries) are carefully looking after his 'Colt' for him too.

As part of Press Play we had the man himself, Pat McGrath play the title character in Dermot Bolger’s 'Bang Bang', performed on the stages of the Abbey Theatre and Axis Theatre. We're sure it's not the last we will be hearing of one of Dublin's beloved characters

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