Ballymun locals are embracing their inner 'Zombie' this halloween.

By emma
Thursday, 19th October 2017

Ballymun locals are embracing their inner 'Zombie' this halloween. Do you wanna join them? This Halloween night nearly 100 local people will take part in a Zombie Parade that will weave through the streets of Ballymun on halloween night.

As we speak various women's groups and community organisations are busy rehearsing their Thriller dance routine in preparation for the big night. We've simplified the dance so that everyone can get involved.

We're now doing a call out for families, friends and neighbours to get involved too and join the Zombie Squad on the night.

What woudl you have to do..

  • You can learn the dance at home with your kids - just click on this tutorial and then just join us at the Zombie meeting point on Halloween night
  • Or you can come along to a one off communtiy dance rehearsal and we'll teach you the dance in person and then you can practice at home as a family
  • On halloween night itself, we have face painting stations set up so that families can come and get their make-up done, before they take off in the parade.

Check out the poster for all the details