axis X Fringe - A Charming Little Email...

By emma
Friday, 11th August 2017
Filed under: ArtsDevelopment

Just a few days left before we close applications for the upcoming axis X Fringe opportunity for young people. A few minutes ago, a lovely email arrived from one young person who wants to apply... here's what she said...

I'm a soon to be 16 year old girl (August 12th) who has not been in the theatre for a while but is really looking to get herself back in there and feels like the Fringe festival would be the perfect opportunity. When I performed in the Axis theatre as part of its Drama classes and its Dream Factory Programme I got an opportunity to express myself in a way I couldn't otherwise. Since I left I have realised many a things about myself… This has made me realise how much theatre really means to me and how I missed the opportunity to discover when I was younger and express myself in this manner. I'm trying to get back into the theatre at this age so I can truly express who I am, so I can express the real me… By taking part in this festival opportunity, by watching these shows I can get back into something which was dear to me when I was younger. This can ever expand my theatre experience by exposing me to different writers and different performers, to witness their methods and their unique styles.

By taking part in the Fringe Festival and watching different shows I believe I could bring my critical thinking to the table, as you have said there will be discussion after we view these plays. We must always analyse what we watch if we are to understand it, with that being said we should always feel free to criticise as no one gets anywhere or improves without it. I would be more than happy to bring my skills as a critic (I have been awarded at school many times for my critical thinking) to the table in our discussions. Of course I'm a critic but I too will always be a writer and performer in my heart.

Theatre to me is a unique form of self-expression which is unlike any other, it would be a great experience to witness different performers and playwrights works on the stage.

I hope I am a "bright spark" you’re looking for as I would love to take part in this programme.

Thank you so much you have no idea how much an opportunity like this would mean to me.

Applications close next Tuesday 15th August.