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By Emma
Tuesday, 19th June 2018
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PHILIPPA DONNELLAN – Dance Artist in Residence axis, Ballymun 2017-18

BODY OF WORK | What’s the Story?

FAREWELL BLOG #6 by Victoria Ni Bhraoin – 7 June 2018

   I've been feeling a little lost for the last few weeks; I’m not used to having this time back. Our performance was well received. Even my husband loved it which is new. That's a good thing, but now it’s all done. When Friday evenings come round, I stop. I'm so unsure of what to do with myself. Body of Work, consumed all my time and energy for several months; filling up many nights within the week with dancing. I had stopped attending my other outlets and now they feel strange. There is a part of me that wishes we could start over, play it all back to the beginning. I have fallen in love with contemporary dance and I'm finding it difficult to move back into Musical Theatre. 

         The dynamics of these dance styles are so different. While there's some crossover from one into the other, you move so differently in both; sometimes my mind can't shut one off for the other. My brain has not really refocused on Dirty Dancing (another show I’m involved in), even though I'm supposed to give my time to it, I can't. Unfortunately we are on stage in a month's time. So I need to overcome my mental block. 

         This is my chance to thank everyone who I have spent so much time with, since the beginning of our project. We have worked and laughed together. We have all been so supportive of each other and no one was made to feel that their contribution was not valued. I'm struggling to write this without being overly sentimental, but I cannot emphasize enough how important you all are to me. I feel proud of how honest we were with one another. I would bite Philippa's hand off to work with any and all of you again.