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#axisonline is a new season developed by the axis team to try1 L  1 and bring as much of our supports, work and programme online during these strange times.

#axisonline is also a way of us staying in touch and collaborating with our community in Ballymun and the wider areas we serve and engage with.

Through #axisonline we are also opening up our archives across social media highlighting our own work and the work of artists we work with and admire

#axisonline is an opportunity to take stock of where we are at right now and innovate around mechanisms for the public to be creative.

#axisonline is a way of us collaborating with and highlighting the great work that is being done by artists and arts centres around the country

#axisonline is an opportunity to highlight the importance of the live and tangible arts in our lives and in society, and in their enforced absence look at reframing relationships and the way artists engage with the public

Come take your place. You can still Dream Out Loud.

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We are trying to keep #axisonline free to avail of and use but if you feel you can donate to the axis arts development fund you can do so HERE via our donate page


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09-Aug-2018 to 09-Aug-2018
SUCKED is a new site specific theatre project for young people (15+ years) kicking off this August 2018.

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30-Jul-2018 to 30-Jul-2018
Great atmosphere in Ballymun at the weekend at the Ballymun Family Fun Day. Axis was there to 'creatively' help out, by throwing drama facilitator Anita Nicholson into the mix - who really went all out on the day, engaging children in lots of colorful and crazy drama activities. T'was a terrific atmosphere in Ballymun and axis were only too happy to be part of it. 

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19-Jun-2018 to 19-Jun-2018
Axis here at the Youth UP event today at Gresham Hotel. Hosted by the National Youth Council of Ireland exploring Sustainable Development Goals & Global Citizenship & young people. Gathering ideas for future youth arts projects around creative campaigning, participation & populism.

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10-May-2018 to 10-May-2018
Our Arts Development Manager, Emma Connors was invited to a terrific event in the Dochas Centre (Women's Prison) yesterday. In the company of 150 other women - prisoners, ex-prisoners, staff, sports personalities, artists and other women of influence we listened to a terrific panel of women tell and share their personal stories.

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03-May-2018 to 03-May-2018
It's time for Ballymun's annual FIG Session - a Festival Ideas Gathering workshop for whole community. Be part of dreaming up ideas, workshops and events for this year's Otherworld Halloween Festival & community parade.The theme for this year is 'My Ballymun Horror Story'

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26-Mar-2018 to 26-Mar-2018
Let the 2 week countdown begin... 250 young men will descend on Ballymun this April A 2 day creative takeover of axis' theatre & spaces Encouraging young men to get creative about their well-being

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29-Nov-2017 to 29-Nov-2017
Before we all start Ho Ho Ho-ing....

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25-Oct-2017 to 25-Oct-2017
Jonathan Ho (videographer) and Jamie Harrington (roving reporter/host), two young people have been busy over the past 2 weeks capturing on film all the fun and antics happening across Ballymun in the lead up to this year's Otherworld Halloween Festival. Over the next 7 days we'll be releasing a video a day showcasing all the zombie parade prep, community art workshops, Witches Brew pop-up cafe planning, theatre rehearsals for a children's show in axis and storytelling sessions in Muck & Magic, a local communtiy garden and lots more - all happening as part of Otherworld 2017.

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19-Oct-2017 to 19-Oct-2017
Ballymun locals are embracing their inner 'Zombie' this halloween. Do you wanna join them? This Halloween night nearly 100 local people will take part in a Zombie Parade that will weave through the streets of Ballymun on halloween night.

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07-Sep-2017 to 07-Sep-2017

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