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#axisonline is a new season developed by the axis team to try1 L  1 and bring as much of our supports, work and programme online during these strange times.

#axisonline is also a way of us staying in touch and collaborating with our community in Ballymun and the wider areas we serve and engage with.

Through #axisonline we are also opening up our archives across social media highlighting our own work and the work of artists we work with and admire

#axisonline is an opportunity to take stock of where we are at right now and innovate around mechanisms for the public to be creative.

#axisonline is a way of us collaborating with and highlighting the great work that is being done by artists and arts centres around the country

#axisonline is an opportunity to highlight the importance of the live and tangible arts in our lives and in society, and in their enforced absence look at reframing relationships and the way artists engage with the public

Come take your place. You can still Dream Out Loud.

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We are trying to keep #axisonline free to avail of and use but if you feel you can donate to the axis arts development fund you can do so HERE via our donate page


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21-Oct-2016 to 21-Oct-2016
Artist/Photographer Anne Ebeling popped into our THREADS dance class the other night to take a few photos of the women rehearsing the final number 'Once' from A Chorus Line, a dance we're working on at the moment.

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17-Oct-2016 to 17-Oct-2016
Here's Jean, (one of axis' THREADS Women in Dance participants) doing a bit of role play tonight with drama student Stephen Kelly. Stephen's doing a placement with us at the moment, so what better bunch of people for him to try out his facilitation skills on that this great possee of women! Stephen's going to do a 4 week series of workshops focussing on the women's stage presence, facial expressions and confidence - this will definitely stand to them when they next perform some Cabaret on axis stage!

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12-Oct-2016 to 12-Oct-2016

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04-Oct-2016 to 04-Oct-2016

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22-Sep-2016 to 04-Oct-2016
Later today some young men from axis will head over to Sandymount beach for the official launch of HEED FM, a month pop up long radio station project that they were involved in. The project has been developed by artist garreth Phelen (as part of The Arts Council's 1916 programme )

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21-Sep-2016 to 04-Oct-2016
Nice little video to round off what's been a terrific day at axis. Over the past month axis staff and some young people have been knocking on Ballymun doors and suprising people with a cake on their birthday! Thanks Jonathan Ho for making this memento video for us!

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21-Sep-2016 to 04-Oct-2016
We are delighted to announce that at the Allianz / Business to Arts Awards on Monday Night our collaboration with the HSE on the Creative Space project, exploring creativity and mental health in young men, won the prestigious Dublin Airport Authority arts award.

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07-Sep-2016 to 07-Sep-2016
Welcome to our Autumn/Winter season 2016.

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15-Jul-2016 to 15-Jul-2016
We're absolutely chuffed to announce that axis (and our project partner - HSE) has been nominated for an Allianz Business to Arts Award, for our project Creative Space (a 2 year project exploring young men, mental health & creativity)

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15-Jul-2016 to 15-Jul-2016
The HSE (Department of Health Promotion) have just confirmed their support/funding for the next phase of our Creative Space project - an important project exploring young men, mental health & creativity. Following the success of Creative Space 1 & 2, we are now looking to spread our creative wings and take the project to a number of new areas of Dublin - Finglas & the Dublin Docklands later in the year/early next year. Over the next few months we'll be gathering a team of artists, ambassadors and partners for the project and are looking forward to engaging a whole new group of young men from across Dublin.

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