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#axisonline is a new season developed by the axis team to try1 L  1 and bring as much of our supports, work and programme online during these strange times.

#axisonline is also a way of us staying in touch and collaborating with our community in Ballymun and the wider areas we serve and engage with.

Through #axisonline we are also opening up our archives across social media highlighting our own work and the work of artists we work with and admire

#axisonline is an opportunity to take stock of where we are at right now and innovate around mechanisms for the public to be creative.

#axisonline is a way of us collaborating with and highlighting the great work that is being done by artists and arts centres around the country

#axisonline is an opportunity to highlight the importance of the live and tangible arts in our lives and in society, and in their enforced absence look at reframing relationships and the way artists engage with the public

Come take your place. You can still Dream Out Loud.

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We are trying to keep #axisonline free to avail of and use but if you feel you can donate to the axis arts development fund you can do so HERE via our donate page


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17-Aug-2017 to 17-Aug-2017
Yesterday, axis were invited to attend a private screening of The Bus Stops Here, an Irish 1916 short comedy about how the lives of six people are affected while waiting at various bus stops in Dublin on route to the centenary celebrations of the 1916 Rising celebratory parade and re-enactments.

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16-Aug-2017 to 16-Aug-2017
This young entertainer needs no introduction...  We're delighted to have Jamie Harrington back with us again this year to present/host this years Otherworld Halloween Festival. Here's a few words from the man himself on what this community festival means to him...

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11-Aug-2017 to 11-Aug-2017
SOCIAL MOVEMENTS is a 2 day film/dance project taking place on the streets of Ballymun on the weekend of the 2nd/ 3rd September.

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11-Aug-2017 to 11-Aug-2017
Just a few days left before we close applications for the upcoming axis X Fringe opportunity for young people. A few minutes ago, a lovely email arrived from one young person who wants to apply... here's what she said...

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09-Aug-2017 to 11-Aug-2017
We were delighted to hear that the lovely folk over at the Bang Bang Café have raised funds to mark the final resting place of Thomas ‘Bang Bang’ Dudley, a much loved figure in the Dublin of the 1950s and 60s. Bang Bang roamed the streets with his ‘Colt .45’, a large key he carried at all times with which to host fake shoot outs. Great to see that Pearse St Library (Dublin City Public Libraries) are carefully looking after his 'Colt' for him too.

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09-Aug-2017 to 09-Aug-2017
Introducing Lea Pepper - axis' newest INVENTOR who will start her 4 month placement in axis later this month. INVENTORS is axis' Mentoring, Residency & Internship Programme for 16 - 23 year olds. Lea is no stranger to axis  - having been born and reared in Ballymun. Lea has always been involved in theatre and was part of axis' THREADS Women in Dance programme for 2 years before she headed off down to Limerick 3 years ago to begin a BA in Contemporary and Applied Theatre at Mary Immaculate College. Lea will work with the Arts Development Team over the coming months on various projects and events including the upcoming Otherworld Halloween Festival and What's A Creative Space? Youth Arts Seminar.

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04-Jul-2017 to 04-Jul-2017
Philippa works as a choreographer/teacher and is the Director of CoisCéim BROADREACH dance participation programme. Taking up her residency this October, exploring themes and stories about 'work’, Philippa will work towards the choreographic development and performance of a new piece next May 2018 entitled BODY OF WORK | WHAT’S THE STORY?

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25-Jan-2017 to 25-Jan-2017
As part of axis’ work in the area of youth arts we are delighted to announce Ryan Lincoln, Gavin Fogarty and Ger Kellett as axis’ INVENTORS Residency 2017. A few words from from Ryan and Aifric about their residency:

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25-Oct-2016 to 25-Oct-2016
OTHERWORLD // Ballymun Halloween Festival

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25-Oct-2016 to 25-Oct-2016
Aine Crowley - Youth Arts Worker with BRYR just sent the festival team this gorgeous sketch of the Spirit Garden she's designed for Otherworld this year; it will pop up on the Ballymun Plaza on Halloween filled with tepees, giant spiders, clouds etc.. The design 'masterpiece' is finally coming together and will be lit up on the night. All the work is made by young people, community groups and youth workers across Ballymun. Terrific communtiy arts collaborative spirit this year led by Aine Crowley, Stewie Dowie, Axis Ballymun, Aisling Project,  Dublin City Council & Ballymun Regional Youth Resource

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